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Russian Federation strengthened the grouping in Syria with the latest Su-57

25 February 2018, 01:46 | Katrina Lee

Russian Federation strengthened the grouping in Syria with the latest Su-57

Russian Federation strengthened the grouping in Syria with the latest Su-57

"Now", he continues, "the militants began to be quickly used up, that is, they were simply driven like swine to a slaughter (according to the expression of the widow of one of those killed) having only primitive weapons against those" in the American arsenal and thus certain to be eliminated.

The aim of the military buildup is not limited to its experience, but reflects a decisive Kremlin move to declare a clear practical position on supporting military operations initiated by the Syrian army all across Syria. This further confirms earlier reports that Russian Federation has recently sent the jets to Syria despite its promise to reduce its military presence there.

Videos on social media appear to show Russia's Su-57, a prototype of a new, fifth-generation fighter jet, operating in Syria - and it could be a direct threat to United States stealth aircraft like the F-22.

A deployment to combat operations could be used to impress the IAF and also other prospective buyers like the UAE, which, last year, expressed interest in jointly developing weaponry with Russian Federation.

"The strikes in Syria were struck in self-defense".

The development coincided with data on heavy naval ships moving towards the Syrian coast, which was contrary to the previous decision to downsize military presence.

Though the Su-57 is " certainly not combat proven in the sense of showing it can take on Western fighters", which is its intended objective, the plane technically will have participated in combat. The Su-57 is thus also commonly known as the "F-22 Killer Plane".

The fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter jets are fitted with a sophisticated avionics system and an active airborne phased array radar which allows the advanced jet to detect air, ground and naval targets at significant distances. Additional planes had landed at the base on Wednesday.

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"In the skies over Syria, it's really just been a treasure trove for (the Russians) to see how we operate", Lt. Gen. VeraLinn Jamieson said during a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies briefing in the Capitol.

When the USA soldiers called in airstrikes to defend themselves, they had no idea they would end up killing dozens Russian civilians.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov revealed on February 8 that the ministry is going to sign a contract for the first squadron of 12 Su-57s in 2018.

But Bronk said the Su-57s in Syria were a "double-edged sword".

Russian Federation is renowned for using the Syrian civil war as an opportunity to test its latest military technology, which has resulted in a rise in arms sales.

Marketing ploy for a prestige plane?


Russian Federation supplies Syria with almost all its ground-to-air missiles, including the S-400. The small-scale production of the Su-57 commenced in 2013. The first stage of state trials has been concluded.

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