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Hermitage Capital CEO to Fox: Fusion GPS Working for Russians

29 July 2017, 12:32 | Katrina Lee

A pro-Putin California congressman has been accused of violating US sanctions on Russia

Russia keeps trolling Trump, saying he may have had meeting with Putin in 'a toilet'

"There's no doubt" Veselnitskaya was working on behalf of the Russian government, Browder told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He said the 2012 law cuts to the core of Putin's business model, which he said was to get people to commit "terrible crimes" with impunity - and be able to stash riches in western banks.

The Russian lawyer who met with the Donald Trump Jr.is the family lawyer for a member of the Putin regime and has worked directly for the Russian government, Browder said. "I believe he's worth $200 billion". That money is held all over the world in banks in America and all over'. Now it seems that information has come full circle as the Senate Judiciary Committee continues its investigation by filing a subpoena against Glenn Simpson.

'He doesn't want to lose that money by having it frozen. It's a very personal venal issue, which is the first reason why he's so upset, ' Browder continued.

He testified that Putin has instructed the people working for him to "do awful things", including arrest, kidnap, torture and murder, all done to seize people's personal property. Is that what you're saying?

Browder got kicked out of Russian Federation after helping to expose an alleged $230 million fraud, where he claims companies his shareholders owned were essentially stolen and tax revenue taken.

However, the discussions reportedly centered around the issue of Russian children adoption by USA citizens, a practice banned by Moscow in 2012. Browder eventually was expelled from the country, and he lobbied for the Magnitsky Act - named after his attorney Sergei Magnitsky - who was tortured and killed in 2009 for refusing to withdraw his testimony against corrupt Russian officials.

First human case of West Nile virus confirmed in both Iowa & Illinois
New Orleans officials today announced mosquito samples collected in the city tested positive for the pathogen. Drain standing water in yards that can collect in old tires, potted plant trays, pet dishes, toys or buckets.

Although Trump Jr.'s publicly released emails show Clinton was to be the the primary topic of discussion at the Trump Tower meeting, Trump Jr. has maintained the topic was instead the adoption of Russian children.

Sovereign nations lobby Congress, conduct public affairs campaigns and do numerous same types of influence work in Washington as big American companies or unions or other interests. She [Veselnitskaya] said it.

Browder testified that the goal of repealing the Magnitsky Act is "the one thing we can conclude with certainty about what happened in that meeting".

"This was a big ask", Browder said. Will they listen? If he has to provide USA intelligence to them, which is standard practice, will they believe it after he has repeatedly said he is not convinced that that Russians interfered in the 2016 elections? "They wouldn't have gone in without being prepared to offer something in return". Whether that offer made any sense to the other side I don't know.

"Anyone who knows me understands that I am the Member of Congress least likely to take directions from government officials, especially foreign government officials". That move would mirror a new Russian sanctions bill passed by both the House and the Senate this week that would prevent President Trump from loosening sanctions on Russia without Congress's input. Charles Grassley has said. In fact, she has denied having anything to do with the Kremlin, but the fact that she once represented interests of the F.S.B.in court may raise numerous eyebrows, especially among USA politicians.

The others witnesses include the head of the Justice Department's National Security Division, Adam Hickey, and its inspector general, Michael Horowitz. Fewer political fireworks, in all likelihood, but a session that may still shed some light on some of the most shadowy practices in the capital: the advocacy of foreign governments. Witch Hunt! Purposely phony reporting'.

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