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Trump tells senators House health bill 'mean'

23 June 2017, 04:49 | Amanda Barker

Congressional sources say President Donald Trump has told Republican senators that the House healthcare bill is "mean" and that the Senate version should be "more generous".

House Republicans have pushed through a bill that seeks to ensure people in the country illegally can not get tax credits to pay their health insurance premiums.

"We'll let you see the bill when we finally release it", Mr. McConnell told reporters. John Thune, R-S.D., who attended the meeting, said. "And he certainly is fine with us taking a different direction with what the House did".

The report about Mr. Trump's comments emerged moments after Mr. Trump lashed out against Obamacare, and touted the future of health care during brief remarks in Wisconsin, where he landed Tuesday afternoon to discuss workforce development, the White House's theme for the week.

While much of the country is focused on Trump's exploding collusion scandal, the GOP is inching ever closer to passing the House's calamitous health care legislation.

"The information coming from the administration actually creates more uncertainty rather than creating greater certainty", said Brad Wilson, chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, which filed a 22.9 percent Obamacare increase for 2018.

But the definition of phenomenal hasn't been agreed upon between senators.

Among those problems include how long to continue funding for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion.

No longer out of bounds: Trump allies question Mueller probe
Ruddy appears to have based his assessment on public comments made over the weekend by a member of Trump's personal legal team. He told senators during a committee hearing that there would have to be "good cause" for Mueller to be removed from his role.

There seems to be agreement, however on protecting people with pre-existing conditions. That's what I'm saying.

"And that may be adding additional money into it", he continued.

Senator David Perdue, R-Georgia, said the disagreement on which taxes to keep is a dividing the conference.

I think most of the taxes are going to go away for sure - the taxes that affect consumers, your tax on prescriptions, tax on medical devices, tax on insurance plans.

"Our goal is to move forward quickly", he said. This is largely because of subsidies that lowered the cost of insurance for millions and the expansion of Medicaid, in states that did so; ME has not. That's because it was a hot, steaming pile of garbage that would make 20 million or more people lose their insurance. He explained that when Democrats had control of the Senate, then-majority leader Harry Reid also acted secretly to push through Obamacare. They can agree that time is running out while insisting to reporters that no one is placing an "arbitrary deadline" on the process. "You couldn't have a more partisan process than what you're engaged in right now".

Prominent conservative groups such as FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, and Club for Growth played a significant role in the revolt against the initial version of the House's American Health Care Act (AHCA), which many conservatives chided as Obamacare-Lite and Ryancare.

Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, both R-Utah, have key roles in rewriting the contentious law - Hatch as Senate Finance Committee chairman and Lee as a member of Senate Republicans' working group on health care. "By the end of this week?"

If that doesn't sound like how democracy is supposed to work to you, well god dammit, I think you're onto something.

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