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Sudan's President, Wanted for Genocide, Invited to Summit With Trump: Saudi Officials

17 May 2017, 01:00 | Katrina Lee

Saudi Arabia Minus Its Oil Clout

Nawaz Trump meeting expected on May 20

Saudi Arabia is on the verge of acquiring new weapons under a $100 billion deal with the United States, as ties between the two countries are thawing and as President Trump is expected in the coming days in the Saudi Kingdom, first stop in his first foreign trip.

Following a day of arrival ceremonies and bilateral meetings with King Salman (pictured) and other Saudi leaders, Trump will deliver a speech to the leaders of 50 Muslims countries.

Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. "Because you don't know who's who". "If he says too much about it, he could conceivably offend some of those who are there", Abrams said Monday in a conference call with reporters.

Trump leaves for the kingdom on May 19, the first stop on his maiden global trip.

Saudi Arabia is planning to cement ties with President Trump by investing $40 billion in United States infrastructure development, according to media reports.

Both Muslim states are also at loggerheads over their expansion of influence in Iraq, Syria, Yeman and Bahrain.

P-26b: Unexpectedly Primitive Atmosphere Discovered around Neptune-Mass Exoplanet
HAT-P-26b, however, with a metallicity of just about 4.8 times the metallicity of our sun, runs closer to Jupiter rather than Neptune.

Palestinian officials have put their hopes in Trump to revive the moribund peace process, but - after early enthusiasm for the Republican billionaire's rise gave way to concerns - Israeli officials have been on edge in the run-up to the visit.

The White House said Trump would discuss combating religious persecution, human trafficking and humanitarian missions with the pontiff.

In Israel, Trump is to hold talks with President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and travel to the Palestinian Authority for talks with President Mahmoud Abbas. Since the US president, who has little to no vision on world issues, has delegated his foreign policy nearly completely to the Israelis, he will tell his Saudi hosts that their dreams have come true, and that unlike former President Barack Obama, Washington is now changing position on Iran and putting it back up to the top of its list of enemies.

Israel considers all of Jerusalem as its indisputable capital, a claim that is not recognized internationally. Taken together with Trump's visit to Riyadh, these arms sales send the worst possible message and deepen USA complicity in the Saudi-led war at a time when the us needs to be extricating itself from it. While at the Vatican, he will meet with the Pope, a senior administration official told Politico.

With the Saudi visit, the White House is drawing a diplomatic line in the sand in that race between Tehran and Riyadh for control of the Middle East.

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