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July 30, 2016

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'Nose-y' Bacteria Could Yield A New Way To Fight Infection

'Nose-y' Bacteria Could Yield A New Way To Fight Infection

However, in about 70 per cent of human population, colonisation by S. aureus inside human nose is absent. The researchers poin.....Read More

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  • Brexit forces changes to big beer dealBrexit forces changes to big beer deal

    Still, news of the halt anxious investors, sending AB InBev ... In a statement....

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Windows Store in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update According to PC World , the "All apps" button of the Start menu will be removed after you get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Additionally, " Microsoft also will offer users running dev...More..

As Stauffer noted on Twitter , the mode is "completely optional". The feature, which was revealed at San Diego Comic Con, but has not been formally announced , is a culmination of something Tellta...More..

Cyanogen to focus on apps, lays off staff About 20 percent of the Cyanogen Inc . workforce has been reportedly laid off as of this writing, Android Police has learned. It seems that Cyanogen has finally realized it is nearly impossible ...More..

Square Enix Announces World's First Apple Watch-Exclusive RPG With The company's almost 30 year existence has seen hits and misses with plenty of weird offerings dotted in between, but today we're getting a tease for what might just be the company's strangest decisi...More..

Someone who speaks highly of Golf Canada's marquee tournament and the fans is current world No. 1 player Jason Day. Except that Hamilton proved himself up to the task previous year when he finished...More..

Mysterious Purple Orb Spotted On Ocean Floor The as-of-yet unidentified purple orb could represent a previously unknown type of egg sac or a new species, according to researchers aboard the vessel, which has been streaming live footage . The f...More..

But Facebook isn't the only product from the company, which is in the 1 billion user club. Net income attributable to Facebook's stockholders rose to US$2.05 billion, or 71 United States cents ...More..

Cleveland RNC protests: Two officers receive minor injuries

Cleveland RNC protests: Two officers receive minor injuries

Cleveland police were "outstanding" in protecting the America First Unity Rally on Monday and preventing anti-Trump protesters from crashing the event, said organizer Tim Selaty Sr. Police intervened..... More..

Democrat says new GOP foe continuation of Pence

Pence, Indiana Senator Dan Coats, and State Senate President Pro Tem David Long have endorsed Holcomb. Supporters of Brooks and Rokita argued they were better candidates to extend the GOP's 12-year ..... More..

China and Asean reach deal on uninhabited South China Sea islands

China and Asean reach deal on uninhabited South China Sea islands

The communique referred instead to the need to find peaceful resolutions to disputes in the South China Sea in accordance with worldwide law, including the United Nations' law of the sea, to which the court ruling referred. In the highest-level ..... More..

Biden reasserts USA as a 'Pacific power' in trip to Australia

Biden is the second USA vice president to make a stopover in Pago Pago. The United States, like Australia, has no claims of its own in the South China Sea, but insists that all shipping has a right to pass through seas it regards as worldwide wat..... More..

Clinton Leads in Battleground States, New Polls Show

The most recent, a CBS/New York Times poll , found the candidates tied, while a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Trump with a 7 point lead. Sen. To Altman, that may reflect the fact that voters may care about the issues that affect them perso..... More..

On their convention's eve, Democrats bedeviled anew by email

Politically a center-left Democrat, with working-class roots and a spotless record both as governor and senator, he is also seen as helping Clinton win over votes from reluctant independent male voters - although at risk of alienating the party's pro..... More..

Brie Larson confirmed as 'Captain Marvel'

Brie Larson confirmed as 'Captain Marvel'

Larson later shared her enthusiasm and posed for a photo in a Marvel hat with the caption "Call me Captain Marvel". Carol Danvers , or Captain Marvel , is a fighter pilot with powers that she gained when she was caught in the exploding Psyche-Mag..... More..